Family Connection-Communities In Schools of Warren County, Inc.

Become A Mentor

Provide Job Shadowing

Serve As A Board Member

Provide Internship Opportunities

Make a Monetary Donation





"Make a Difference in the Lives of others"


Volunteers spread kindness, change lives, and make a significant difference in countless ways.






A background check is needed.

A sincere desire to be involved with a young person.

Time Commitment (at least 1hr per week)

Respect for young people.

Active listener and Empathy

See solutions and opportunities.

Be flexible and open.


Students will get a first hand glimpse into a profession or company, it will increase the students chances of being hired, gain experience and expand networking contacts.

The board of directors is the heart of an organization. The members make tough decisions such as hiring a CEO, mapping out a financial plan and maintaining ethics. Being a member on the board of directors offers benefits such as increased responsibility, enhanced experience and extra recognition.

  • Red Ribbon Week Activities
  • Prevention Parades
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention Assemblies
  • Door Decorating Contests
  • Banner Contests
  • Pizza Party's
  • Other incentives.

Internships for students are designed to provide valuable on-the-job experience for young people who are just starting to explore career options. These programs can be a fun and exciting first step toward furthering your education and figuring out what direction they want to take in life.

Your donations will help us provide many resources and services for our students like drug & alcohol prevention assemblies, uniforms, food, school supplies and other necessities to make them become successful and productive citizens.   Write checks to FC-CISWC, Inc. and send to P. O. Box 468, Warrenton, GA 30828 or bring donations to 1857 Mitchell Road, Warrenton, GA.





Assist FC-CISWC with special events